Importance of Menu Design

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

This week, Jeremy wanted to touch on the importance of menu design and layout: Menus are all over the place. In the Finger Lakes area, wineries, cafes, restaurants, and even the local auto shop have printed menus of services. Menus must speak for themselves and represent a business and products confidently.

A few things to keep in mind with menus:

- cohesion to your business in terms of visual design is necessary

- avoid clip art or generic art

- consider fonts carefully

- be cautious of background color and text color 

“Be original; show off your company style and tell your brand's story.”

If businesses are in a rush and do not have time for photography, we have found a great, free site. Unsplash, the previously mentioned website, offers professional-grade, polished photography.  What's even better is it acts as a platform for photographers who are just starting to get work showcased. To J.S. Merchants, that is a win-win!

Another great site that businesses should utilize is Canva. Canva provides layouts and formats from everything to Facebook Cover Photos (those dimensions are important!) to menus and business cards. Basic designs are free. One thing about Canva, is that businesses can create menus, and edit it as needed. Adding to that, businesses can work off an old copy and edit it for a new location or section of the business.  The initial menu may take some time to set up, but after that, editing time can been next to nothing. Time is saved and so is money; another win-win! 

The menu is created: now what?

In-house printing can be costly, but if businesses are working with a simple black and white document and a toner-based printer, it may be cheaper than a printing service. J.S. Merchants looks to outsource printing when working with full-color documents. 

Keeping in mind the frequency of menu item changes, if changes are foreseen, it is recommend to stick to small batch, in-house printing. No one likes to see stickers covering old information on menus. 

Don't forget to post new menus on social media and your website! (PDF files are best in this case!)


- Jeremy Baker, Founder of J.S. Merchants

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