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Our content specialist, Stefan, has a way with words; words have meaning and implications that trigger our thoughts, reactions, and so on. So, Stefan decided to write about how the words used to market the business can either help or hinder the cause.

When people see or hear your business name, what implications or meanings are going through their heads?

When creating a business, there are many different questions that must be answered. What is my mission? What is my good/service that I am providing? What makes my business different enough to compete with other small businesses? One of the most important, and often stress inducing tasks is crafting a name that effectively markets and represents your business and its goals.

Take it from us; we at J.S. Merchants have waffled and floundered around numerous namesakes and trademarking throughout our development process. Finally, as the Content Specialist, I emphasized the notion that the name of our business needs to be simple, inviting, and most importantly indicative of the mission.

When we first collaborated on the project, we had easily and efficiently agreed on the name J.S. Apothecary. At the time, Schitt’s Creek’s had just opened their TV business, “Rose Apothecary.” Upon hearing this name, our Founder, Jeremy, was sent on a creative, entrepreneurial venture. His mission: to help small businesses elevate and refine their retail experiences, focusing on wineries, boutiques, and other like-minded coalitions. Over time, the mission changed ever so slightly. Rather than working with just local libation vendors, the team soon realized that our collective strengths would benefit small businesses across the Finger Lakes Region, regardless of their focus. We aim to revitalize and reinforce local businesses that have a desire to keep pushing forward and expanding their brands and client experience. Using the word “Apothecary,” the root word of “apotheca” stands for a storefront that offers a specific good or service, generally medicine and pharmacy. We thought that we could just use the forefront of the definition, neglecting the importance of the medicinal tie.

One fateful day, we made the discovery that businesses may not legally have the word “Apothecary” in their title unless their primary function was to sell, prescribe, and fill medicinal prescriptions. After picking ourselves off of the kitchen floor and wiping the tears, we instantly got to work to creating our new name, after ceasing the ability to use the merchandise we had already created for reaching out to potential clients. After various options and visual tests, the search got narrower and narrower until, finally, we landed on J.S. Merchants as it is simple, inviting, and our mission is clear: To reimagine small businesses and take local companies as far as they can as merchants.

If I had one piece of extra, unwarranted advice, I would say that over thinking the name is going to hinder the development of the business and the brand; pick a name that is authentic and represents the business, but also you as the assumed owner or founder.

The business you curate is a representation of yourself as well as your passions; people respond to authenticity and passion. Do not limit the potential of your business. Go for it and live your dreams.
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